We all think that it gets better with time but there is no getting used to the anxiety one gets when its that time of the year and that is….




First and foremost there are those who are still crossing their fingers that they got exam entry and after receiving your fate by the grace of God you found that you made it…


Now its the rush of putting all the notes together and asking friend’s notes in case you bunked some classes


When that rush is over its somehow finding time to actually start with the studying *sigh*


There are those who are internally motivated and already start making notes well off before the time


Then there is the frenemie called Procrastination…


It seems like you not really wasting time buuuuut deep down you know you better start with your work because days just go by faster lately…


Then before you know it its towards end of October and UJ is making you begin with exams on a Saturday and if they really love your presence they make you write two papers in one day


This is the period where you ignore the fact that you have to renew your BIS


The périod where all of a sudden you remember the brands Monster, BIO PLUS and you even get to meet Your Majesty Gingko Biloba


The not so fortunate ones’ skin gets a breakout because of the exam stress and some even tonsilitus (see, how to beat exam stress)


You forget to brush your weaves and forget to change your morning slippers when coming to an exam venue…


*sigh* just don’t judge me when you are used to seeing the made up girl now in tracksuits and all

With just a pen & a flash


With headsets in my ears because music seems to be the only thing calming me down!


If you wait outside an exam venue right after my last paper trust me that you will see the biggest relief on people’s faces…


The rollercoaster ride of exams