UCT students are over exams:

It’s week two of exams on the mountain and I can tell everyone is getting sick of it.

The library is no longer a fight for the good seats, you can now choose on at your leisure and the work ethic has gone to the dogs.

Study breaks are a two hour movie and studying is a ten minute break. But fear not, in a week UCT will be throwing it down and celebrating.

Next Thursday, Groove Afrika is hosting their one year birthday party at the Side Show (old Fez) and they promise it will be larger than any party they’ve thrown before.

Some other changes here on the mountain include the arrival of summer and so UCT is happy to join the other campuses in the summer vibes. We’re finally rid of the fifteen layers of soaking wet and ice cold clothes.

And what do we have to look forward to along with the warm weather?  The Beach. Now there are no excuses allowed, no one can say they don’t go to the beach because they can’t get there, it’s really easy.

For the cold beaches, Camps Bay and Clifton, catch a taxi to town (R7) and when you’re in town ask around for the Camps Bay taxis (R7).

And if you’re looking for warmer beaches, Kalk Bay and Muizenberg, then go down to Rosebank Station (below Lower Campus) and buy a return ticket for a train to either of those places. Tip: buy a first class ticket.

Now that you know how to get there get those speedos out and put your bikinis on, the three month vac is creeping up on us and another visit to the beach may only come again in the New Year for some of us!


Muizenberg beach hut photo taken by : Craig Strachan