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The art of bunking: Sick Note Saga will make you really sick

The past few days we have heard about the daunting news regarding the sick notes that UJ students have been using either to postpone for an exam because they might be writing too many exams in one day or just not prepared enough to be able to write that exam
The starting argument is that there is no excuse that can justify being fraudulent. Its an injustice to yourself, an insult to your parents and even unfair to your fellow student who were sick as well as the credibility of your institution…
The other side of the argument would be that the institution probably also asks a lot from us having to write too many exams in a small space of time can be stressful to a point of sickness which supersedes depression and stress.

Pressure which we not even remotely close to knowing how to deal with it & how to get rid of it.
Then your sins catch up with you… Uj expels you not just from their institution but from every other existing one in South Africa.

Then you have a criminal record and you feel like your whole life goes down the drain.
I get the sentiments of all who be would say yes they deserve to punished for what they have done…
But until you in their shoes and try to understand their situation Just keep your mouth shut and don’t be the judge.

When the wheel turns and you blunder will you be able to stomach judgements coming from all angles? Or will you be joyful when the one you love has to be pumped from their stomach because suicide seemed like the only way out of knowing that one small mistake now has impacted greatly on your future…

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