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Prof. Bobby Mandew, Dean of sudent affairs at UJ in a conversation with VB commenteted on the so called ‘sick note saga’ : “We as  a university will not condone such action from our students. We will institute all the neccessary disciplinary action against the perpetrators.”

He made this comment to us weeks after law enforcement officials cracked a syndicate involved in providing UJ students with fraudulent sick notes, which allowed them to bunk exams.

Two students (both male) have been arrested and investigation continues.

A list circulating with the names of ‘unacceptable doctors’ at UJ included the name ‘Dr. Shy K Rowling’, a lazy spinoff of the name of famous author J K Rowling.

UJ  continue its own investigations as well, and have said they will bring any further UJ students caught to disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, the UJ SRC has come to the aid of students tied up in the saga.

Ali Komate, chairperson of UJ‘s Doornfontein campus SRC, said that the council was in the process of negotiating with both students and management. Komate said not all of the students may have been aware the sick notes they got were not legitimate.

This possibility is seeming increasingly improbable, with investigations continuing on both sides.

The action did not miss twitter, where students from different campuses used it as an opportunity to diss each other, borrowing from rapper JAY Z, Daryl Margolis tweeted: “If you got caught I feel bad for you son, you got 99 problems but exams ain’t one.”

“We take all allegations of unethical student or staff behavior extremely seriously and we await the outcomes of the investigations into this matter,” said UJ‘s deputy vice-chancellor Prof. Adam Habib.

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1 Comment

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