Call me old fashioned, prude, tone deaf, unprogressive and uncultured; but this new craze with Gangnam Style, has me baffled.


I could stomach auto tune and the dance/electro sound but this, I don’t get.


The newest kid or should I say man on the block, Psy has invaded America with his song Gangnam Style.


Unbeknownst to me, he performed at the MTV music awards and American Music Awards (AMA’s) because people are smitten by this gibberish.


I’m still wondering during why it is he has a hit song and why it has infiltrated our shores.


Perhaps I have given his tasteless dance moves non existent vocal chords and brilliant PR too publicity. Gangnam style seems to be the future of music and I am not excited about it.


Alas, I am one of the few who sees this as the death of music.