Behold – Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their first child


For the next 8 months or so you can be sure that, whether you like it or not, your life will be affected by the following news:…The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child.


The Buckingham Palace office released a statement to the press on Monday, 3 December 2012, confirming Kate’s pregnancy after reports were made earlier in the day that she had been admitted to King Edward VII Hospital, in London – with severe morning sickness.


Whether a boy or girl, the child will be third in line to the thrown after Prince William himself, and soon-to-be grandfather Prince Charles.


At this point is it’s safe to ask the question: Who cares? Apparently the estimated 1 million faithful who turned out to witness the two wed back in April of 2011, together with the 2 billion worldwide who supposedly tuned in to watch the live television broadcast surely will care.


At the time I was on UCT Medical School campus and I remember the ridiculous scene like it was just yesterday; walking into the main cafeteria only to find a mass of students, both ‘fresher’ and ‘seasoned’, crowded around the television set (and some around laptop screens) all having forgotten the call to be ‘South Africa’s Next Top Health Professional’ (by the way, that should totally be a contender for a reality show. I think it would make some serious waves on the local television front…you have no idea what it is like being on a medical campus).



But why did this show-stopping, lecture-bunking, lunch-forsaking event matter to so many people all at the same time?


Even though I am hesitant to claim to know the definitive answer, my guess is that because we – as ‘normal’ human beings – enjoy the thrill of following the lives of those who seem like they are anything but normal, we get to experience a new sense of excitement, joy and anticipation through the stories that follow the people in society that we admire.


The fairytales go something like this: every boy dreams of becoming one lucky damsel’s prince, hero or knight-in-shining-armour. And every girl awaits the day she wakes up to find that she is in fact a princess who will be whisked away to live happily ever after in a far away palace. Right? Wrong.


In reality we’re thinking about getting a tattoo, worrying about just how farmuch Christmas shopping is going to set us back, wishing for tickets to see Swedish House Mafia when they hit South Africa early next year or just completely over the tough day we just had.


The amount of importance we put on celebrities, public figures and so-called powerful people (or people of influence) is worrying because at some point, if and when we let the balance scale tip overreach the tipping point – the lives of others steer very close to taking over our very own.


While the Royal Family celebrate what truly is a blessing and a very exciting time in the lives of those who will be directly affected, let us rejoice with them for what will be the birth of a precious baby girl or boy.


However, there are millions of other women in the world right this moment that will be preparing with their family members and loved ones as they embark on the life-changing experience of pregnancy. Be careful to let this event, or any other that isn’t the reason you’re up every morning and checking in every night, be the beginning or end of your life.


So, … you can stop holding your breath now, and go back to trying to salvage your over-cooked microwave lasagne or figuring out which outfit will go best with your new pair of kicks for tomorrow night’s jol mission – after all…it is just another day in the life of you.