What to Do in Cape Town – part 1


It is the summer festive season and almost everyone is either making travel plans, wishing they had or half way on their way to all-sunshine and no stress. Inspired by a friend of mine who will be hitting the mother city for a few days, here is a quick 5-day WTD in CT itinerary that I propose as a proud non-Capetonian (I genuinely believe we have more fun in Cape Town anyway).


So let’s pretend you’re here for 4 nights and 5 days, touching down at Cape Town International Airport on a random Wednesday morning. What now you ask?


Day 1- Wednesday, 5 December

V&A Waterfront:

You know you’ve seen all the ads and you’ve still got your bank account intact at this point…so first stop is – V&A Waterfront or Canal Walk for some serious shopping. V&A is slap-bang in the heart of Cape Town’s beautiful harbour and oozes high-culture and decadence.

Canal Walk on the other hand is equally stunning but overwhelming in size- it is the largest shopping mall in the Southern Hemisphere. Whichever you decide suits your taste best, wear comfortable shoes.



Day 2- Thursday, 6 December

Greenmarket Square:

Friends in Cape Town? Then enjoy the beauty of South African diversity with some pals at Greenmarket Square, situated between Short and Long Market Streets.

Built in 1696 as a trading market for passing ships, it now welcomes tourists and city dwellers alike to come and explore an impressive range of arts and crafts, jewellery, clothing, shoes and much more.

Check out the vibrant corner cafés, enjoy a meal at one of the great restaurants nearby or do a bit of meet-and-greet at the surrounding backpacker’s accommodation.


Day 3 – Friday, 7 December

Rhodes Memorial:

Whether yesterday’s friends can’t keep up or you’re up for some lone sightseeing, today is a great day to visit Rhodes Memorial. This classic-inspired monument of architectural genius was built in tribute to Cecil John Rhodes in the early 1900s.

It forms part of Table Mountain National Park and is situated at the base of the Devil’s Peak Mountain. It is popular for its rostrum, and the quaint lunch and tea restaurant.

From the restaurant you can enjoy magnificent views of this breath-taking city, but make sure to taste one of the delicious home-made cakes while you’re at it (PS- if you’re the adventurous type try out the hiking trail instead of the driving option).


Day 4 – Saturday, 8 December

The Beach & Obs

Well now you have two options; or for the dare-devils, both can be squeezed into one day. The weather in Cape Town is sure to be gorgeous this weekend so bust out the beach bod, grab some sun-screen and head to the beach.

The Atlantic Seaboard coastline is known best for its ridiculously good looking people, fast cars and flashy lifestyle appeal as it boasts Camps Bay, Clifton’s beaches and Llandudno. For a chilled, laid-back, family-style day out in the sun then you should opt for Fish Hoek or Hout Bay Beach.

By late afternoon going into the early evening you’re two shades darker than you should be but the trendy Bohemian-themed Lower Main in Observatory is calling your name.

Call up some mates or make entirely new ones at Trenchtown, a Caribbean-inspired restaurant and pub that tells the story of Reggae musicians who made it out of poverty-stricken Trenchtown in Kingston, Jamaica.

Bob Marley, the father of Reggae, is celebrated throughout Trenchtown and you can kick back and soak in the liveliness of the mother city while some of his most famous tunes are played on record.


Day 5 – Sunday, 9 December

Sunday Market

It’s almost time to head home, but one does not simply leave Cape Town without a proper farewell. Only On A Sunday Market in Long Street offers young and old the chance to take it easy at this eclectic indoor market located inside the Zula Soundbar.

Get last-minute sweets, treats and goodies for loved ones back home while enjoying fine local entertainment, and with the option to enjoy the last of your tango with Cape Town cuisine.



…Late flight? Then you’ll have time to stop over in Woodstock, at Amadoda’s Cold Turkey event hosted every second Sunday of the month. This is where retro meets chic meets hipster; where beer, bread and a good old braai (otherwise known as a chisa nyama) can be enjoyed in the company of people who know how to bring fancy to the tongue-in-cheek ‘grub’ that isn’t Constantia or Camps Bay. With big-name DJs, a loyal dub step following and massive party crowds…what is a better way to soak in the Sunday chilled vibes whilst cashing in on everything that is quintessential to Cape Town – the beauty to live, let live and have a good damn time.