It’s that time of year again; time to go back to school. For most students this just means mom won’t be doing the laundry or cooking healthy meals for you anymore. Whether you’re fresh-out-of-the-school-seat or you’ve just touched down from your gap year, this means a lot of excitement and freedom for this new step in life. Yes?


Come on, be honest now, you are actually scared as hell of being the ‘new kid in school’ again.


Usually the first thing that sends the blood reeling from your head, is the all-important question, usually along the lines of: “Ermagerd! What do I wear so I will be cool?!” I mean the number of friends you are going to make has a direct relation to how classy you look in that first week, right? Wrong.


Everyone will be so worried about themselves and their own image, you could literally wear a black trash-bag and still be crowned Miss Fresher Popularity without anyone so much as noticing.


On that note, just keep one thing in mind though: just because you are out of school and out of your mother’s watchful eye, girls, that does not mean that you can wear shirts for dresses and finally “get your sexy on”. The only fashion rule I can give you to take on your new adventure at varsity (with the risk of sounding like my grandmother): leave something to the imagination please.


Another issue that might render you depressed, hiding in your closet, refusing to go to school is that of your degree and subjects. Just because you applied and were accepted for a degree in Politics and Economics, and you recently realised that your true calling is rather in the dramatic arts per se; keep breathing, you have not signed your life away.


I promise, you will not be forced to start analysing the South African fiscal crisis in terms of one or another political party’s rise to power. Chill. You can always change your degree to which ever field you suddenly feel is your “true calling”.


The last thing I would like you to remember before you descend upon the land of cheap food, alcohol and many late nights, is to spread your wings young padawan! This year will be one of the greatest lessons you will ever learn. You will probably struggle a little at first…or a lot. Just remember that you are not alone in it: everybody struggles, yes and I mean everybody.


Try not to call your best-friend who is stuck in another university everyday and even more, try to call mom once a week at most (start with every two days if this is difficult). Start standing on your own two feet. Be strong, you have GOT this!