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Varsity Breakout




Arriving at university for the first time one finds oneself in an unfamiliar territory that is both exciting and terrifying. However, amidst the confusing emotions coercing one’s mind and possibly causing palpitations there is an overwhelming need to party during Orientation Week. In an effort to celebrate newfound freedom, friends and fascinations, it’s allowed. Groove Afrika have managed to facilitate these celebrations with three parties over the course of the week. This week is aptly titled, Groove Week. This week was made up of three parties: Pop That was held at Casa Blanca in Green Point, The Motto II which was held at Opium in the CBD and the grand finale, HYFR was held at The Loop Nightclub.


 Pop That was a time where first years and students of all ages were exposed to the euphoric experience that is a Groove Afrika party. Never have I seen girls pushing through the pain of wearing high heels and continue to dance. Never have I seen so many people being oblivious to the pool of sweat in which they found themselves because the music was that amazing. People grooved to the sounds of P.H, Milkshake, and Lyle and of course Groove Afrika themselves.

The Motto II was just as good. Opium can be said to be an oasis. It is located on The Fringe which is not the nicest part of town. However, its dark walls, mirrors and velvet seats make those who walked in felt like they were joining the big leagues of nightlife. This party, which had two dance floors, three bars and an electric atmosphere saw the crowd only leaving when the music stopped and the lights came on.

The grand finale, HYFR was a haven for groove. Students, graduates and lovers of things came together for the last groove before University starts. For a moment, those who attended felt, as though, this euphoria is the reason their parents sent them to study in Cape Town. Groove Week ended on the highest note, which left new and old lovers of groove hungry for the next Groove Afrika spectacle.

Groove Afrika will continue to run the streets of Cape Town with their parties that make people never want to grow up. So take note of their name, because it is evident that Afrika is the Future.

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