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I was disappointed on the Wednesday evening (yes I remember it like it was last week, and that is probably because it was) when I found out that popular online news publication, Hayibo, would no longer be running. After nearly 5 years of providing us with news in the hard-hitting, humorous and sometimes hypocritical way that only they can, they now finally bid us farewell.


In August 2010 the pulication faced closure but a good samaritan did best to swoop in and save the day. After securing financial stability Hayibo picked itself up and hit back with a bang. It was right at it once again, hilariously delivering all the current news on both local and international fronts.


Some of my favourite articles include: ‘ANC, With 15 million Votes and New Warships, Frightened By Cartoon’ (2008); ‘Spanish Star Wants Vuvuzelas Banned, Spanish Fans Want Africans Banned’ (2009); ‘Jackie Selebi To Be Diagnosed With Slow But Fatal Shaik Syndrome’ (2010); ‘Blackberry Users Experience Two Days of Catastrophe as Glitches Force Them to Interact Face to Face’ (2011); ‘Hipsters Stunned as Vintage Cameras Fail to Make Them Professional Photographers’ (2012).


These are all just a few of the major hits that sparked some controversy, fuelled debates and got people talking. And that is why I think Hayibo will be missed. We all get a little cagey when we have to discuss icy topics but let us face it, there are so many of those on the political, economic and social scenes that we might as well get into the boxing ring and get a few opinion-punches out there. Some called them overly critical, devastatingly pessimistic and darn-right annoying but whichever way you look at it Hayibo played a vital role in taking alternative thoughts and views and putting them out there for all to confront and grapple with. So I think they deserve their 3cheers worth and a hearty salute.



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