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And here we were all thinking J.Z is a puppet show that can be controlled by anyone pulling the strings hard enough. In our faces!

In what was a shock move for critics and sceptics, Zuma showed his strong-hold with the ANC’s “collective decision” to disband the national executive committee (NEC) of the ANC Youth League. The Limpopo ANC political executive committee (PEC) was jointly left out in the cold, as its survivor flame was also extinguished.

Zuma cited “institutionalised factionalism” as the main reason for the Limpopo PEC’s demise, while the ill-disciplined behaviour that has led to the organisation’s “disrepute on numerous occasions” foregrounded the decision to finally shut the ANCYL NEC’s ‘too big mouth‘.

The presidency is surely flexing its biggest muscles on this one. Zuma’s speech delivery at the Kwazulu-Natal ANC provincial council urged members of the ANC to take some comprehensive notes from what has been received as an unexpected checkmate type of move by the media audience.
Zuma reiterated that unity and solidarity are to be the first priority if the party is to adhere to its promise to improve the lives of all South Africans, and preserve what was a hard-fought struggle for freedom in this country. He also emphasised that the primary goal for moving forward should be one solid political party that won’t sell out or jump on the media bandwagon at every turn of events. This hard stance also serves as a fine warning from the President to all structures within the ANC. It seems the message is clear: members are to shape up or ship out.

Is he being a big bad bully or is he finally cracking down on what is some well-needed ANC political party discipline? You decide.


image: TNA

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