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20 March 2012 – The “all-anticipated” Rock The Mile Concert was hosted on UCT’s Green Mile  last week Wednesday and… well…that’s all there is to it. A massive part of our rugby field was cordoned off (half of it to be exact) in preparation for the big event. Basshunter joined pretty-boy, twin-duo, Locnville as the concert big guns – except not many people seemed to agree that this would draw in the crowds. The turn-out was disappointing. Jimmy Nevis, Nogapsbetween and Deader Than Disco were also part of the line-up.

The event ran from 3-7pm and entrance had been set at quite a decent price (R50 for UCT students, R100 for non-UCT party hopefuls and wait for it…FREE for financial aid students – schweet right? The event itself was part of a fundraiser for SRC’s Student Crisis Fund. Many students have been left desperate as bursars, sponsors and donors have been pulling out of student funding left, right and centre – leaving students in more than just a tight pickle in terms of their tuition fees, accommodation, allowances and personal upkeep. Times are tough, and most of us are feeling it right in the childhood so when I read about the reasons why the SRC were getting involved to try ‘lend a hand’ – I was impressed. The motive behind Rock the Mile was definitely for a worthy cause. Once again it is great to see the SRC playing a big part in catering to the needs of its students. But despite the good intentions, sadly the event itself was a complete let down.

Whether it was poor advertising, bad timing, low student morale (it being the last day of term and all…I mean even I had other plans that afternoon – being on campus past 7pm was not one of them), UCT students failing to band together and support their fellow students, or selecting the kind of acts that just didn’t appeal to the general UCT student audience – what we can safely say is that The Mile definitely wasn’t rocked.

Which performing act would’ve been a better bet? Let us know:



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