Look One Hundred and Forty Six

Winter is knocking on our doors and at Varsity Breakout we cannot leave you dressed in last season’s trends. This year’s winter trends are not for girlie-girls. Items in camouflage and leather will be the most sought after clothing items for one’s winter wardrobe.

The nice thing about all the winter trends this year is that they can be dressed up or down depending on your event. Here at Varsity Breakout we have decided to show you how to dress according to the latest trends. One does not need to stick to the rules and wear all the described outfits according to a specific time of day or night; switch it up and wear a day outfit at night, 2013 is all about doing the abnormal.


Varsity Breakout Winter Wardrobe: Camo/Military

First on the trend list is the military look. Fashion houses such as MaxMara have made it acceptable for ordinary citizens to dress as if they going to war. The trend quickly left the runway and is now being seen as a street style trend. The best colours to wear with camouflage are black, white, grey or army green. Don’t even be scared to wear camouflage on camouflage. If you don’t like the camouflage print, rather stick to the army green trousers, jeans and jackets. To make it formal, use camouflage as a detail. Studs, sequins and glitter also go well with this trend. Remember, with camouflage, less is not more.


Varsity Breakout Winter Wardrobe: Denim

The second trend is denim with a focus on denim jackets. Denim jackets are very difficult to dress up but not impossible. The best way to dress up your denim jacket is by either pairing it with a black dress or black skinny trousers and black jersey or pullover.

Denim jackets are very easy to dress down as they are originally meant for casual attire. Pair them with a pair of your favourite sneakers or chuck on a hoodie underneath the jacket if it really is that cold.

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Varsity Breakout Winter Wardrobe: Leather

The third trend is leather. During winter, leather will always trend, does not matter what year it is. After the autumn/winter runway shows I think leather will be worn even more this year than it ever has. When I was younger, leather was always reserved for jackets. The idea of leather pants just reminded me of bad ‘80s movie. This year, do not be afraid to wear leather pants or leather coated jeans. If anyone asks why you wearing it, tell them I said it’s all right. Nice thing about leather is that it can be dressed up or down and can be worn in any season.  In winter leather looks the best with woollen scarves and knitted jerseys. Animal print also goes well with leather, so do graphics and prints. Leather on leather might mean you’ll sweat but when done properly it looks amazing.

Those are a few of the trends for winter. Be sure to incorporate them all in your wardrobe as they are classics and can be worn in any season no matter what the current trends are.