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Varsity Breakout





It is once again the most stressful time in a student’s life……EXAM TIME!!!

The source of everyone’s stress at this time of the year is because of what is at stake; expectations from one’s family, the workplace, romantic partners as well as the tertiary institution itself.

Fears of not wanting to disappoint either yourself or your family are always lurking, after all everyone sets standards for themselves and the last thing you want is to fail to measure up to the standards you had initially set for yourself.

You are really not alone during this difficult time.

If you think you might be experiencing anxiety, talking about it with someone you trust can be the first step. Telling the person how you feel can reduce the pressure and stress.

Here are some steps that could help you with the frustrations.


  1. 1.      Start studying well before the exam.

Make sure your schedule provides for sufficient revision time. As any good test-taker will tell you, the revisions are more important than the first time study.


2.      Focus on understanding the concepts rather than mugging.


3.      Keep telling yourself that your hard-work will not go to waste.



4.     If you are afraid of tough questions, it helps to know that most questions are of average difficulty and designed to be answered correctly by most examinees.


5.      Designate a “study buddy


6.      Get plenty of sleep.


7.      Eat healthy food, since it’s often easier to function on nutritious food than junk.


8.      Exercise



9.      While taking notes, use as many diagrams, graphs and figures and illustrations as possible.



10.  Ask a senior or more knowledgeable person to prepare sample tests for you.


11.  On the day of the exam, feel happy!


Think positive and keep cool! Good luck!

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1 Comment

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