Say what you want about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, but they’re taking the doting parent thing pretty seriously – at least based on what little North West will soon be shuttled around in.

The controversial rap star, and proud new papa, has apparently doled out more than $2-million for a pair of SUVs that can withstand gunfire, bombs, landmines, and rocket-propelled grenades.

We’re guessing a spilled milk bottle won’t be a problem either.

Built by Latvian-based automaker Dartz Motorz, the trucks look like pumped-up and armor-plated Hummer H1s with a penchant for wearing lots of bling.

Called the Prombron, each truck is tailored to a client’s demands – which makes pegging the exact price Kanye paid more of a guessing game.

Owners can blunt those MPG figures even further by loading on extra weight with the Prombron’s several different levels of armor enhancements – including the “Lead Zeppelin” anti-radiation option package, which includes 2-inch thick glass and an exterior coating to protect you and your loved ones from any errant isotopes.

Dartz Motorz is no stranger to the whims of a rich and powerful clientele, no matter how dubious their taste in color and trim might be.

A few years ago, Dartz Motorz made headlines by offering an interior trimmed in whale penis skin.

Yes, you read that correctly.
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