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Sneakers Only: Taking Birthday Celebrations to the Next Level


Sneakers Only: Taking Birthday Celebrations to the Next Level


Many readers may wonder what we, Varsity Breakout writers do with our time besides read and write. Well here’s a little step into my world. I do many things, and I take a lot of things very seriously and one of these things happens to be my birthday. To many the date of their birth is simply another day. Well to me, it is simply another month. Yes, that is correct, I celebrate my birthday for a month and I accept gifts until my next birthday.

As ridiculous as this may seem, I think acknowledging yourself and your journey over the last year of your life is important. More than this, spending this day, month or year with people that you appreciate, love and people with whom you share memories is one of the most special things about birthdays.

For the last four years I have made a concerted effort to spend time with people I love on my birthday. Furthermore, every year I try and take my friends to a venue that they have never been to. So for 19 I had a cocktail party at The Versace Lounge in The Grand Daddy Hotel. For 20 I had a fun Geeks and Sneaks party on a Rooftop in the middle of the Cape Town CBD and for 21 I had a beautiful evening with friends and family at Waterfront venue Alba Lounge. Every year was bigger and better than the year before. So the question was, what was I to do for 22?

For the last year I have been actively involved with the events industry in Cape Town. I have worked at numerous events and hosted a few myself, so the natural thing for me to do was to throw a party. A really great party, to share with the greater public of Cape Town. This event brings together five of Cape Town’s hottest Dj’s and one of the best venues. And even though many people have been to The Waiting Room, not many have heard these five acts on one night!

Here are the details:

When: Monday 23 September 2013

Where: The Waiting Room (on Long Street above Royale Eatery)

Time: 21:00 – 02:00

Line- up: Daddy Warbucks, Dunn Kidda, Sisterfella, John Empire and Big Space

Damage: R30

Dress code: Wear whatever you want, as long as there are sneakers on your feet

So come alive and get familiar with me and some of my favourite people. I promise I only throw awesome parties. Ask and you shall be told the truth.

See you all there!

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