Khuli Chana Shooting:

An internal investigation regarding the incident was being conducted.

Khuli Chana, whose real name is Khulani Morule, was discharged from hospital but left shaken by the incident, his publicist Sheila Afari said.

“He is shaken by the shooting as it came out of nowhere and there was no warning from the police whatsoever. He is recovering at home.”

In a short interview on Monday morning, Chana’s manager Refiloe Ramogase told MetroFM that the singer will be pressing charges of attempted murder against the police.

Ramogase told MetroFM the singer was going to meet a DJ at the New Road Caltex garage early on Monday morning for a gig in Pretoria. The DJ was running late for the meeting, and they then organised to meet in Pretoria. As Chana was leaving the garage, he drove around an unmarked VW combi facing the opposite direction. Shots were allegedly fired at his car while he was driving around it.

His manager said Chana told him that six shots were fired at the passenger side of the car.

Ramogase made a point of emphasising that the shots were not aimed at the boot or wheels of the car. According to him, the police aimed to “shoot to kill”.

“No one said ‘stop’, he [Chana] just realised what was going on [and had to stop],” he told MetroFM.

Ramogase said there were three bullet holes on the driver’s window.

Chana’s injuries
Chana’s manager added that two officers on duty were in civilian clothing, and said that Chana told him two others were in police clothing.

The musician sustained minor injuries in the incident. Chana’s arm was injured after a bullet was lodged in a finger on his right hand. One bullet also went through the back seat and broke into shrapnel and penetrated his back.

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