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Street Etiquette Travels to South Africa


Street Etiquette Travels to South Africa



Once we landed and were settled we ventured over to the “cool” district of Jo’burg which is Braamfontein and I thought to myself “Are we in Brooklyn? (Laughs to self) We found the younger generation of South Africa which is almost a whopping 50 percent of the population dismantling all stereotypes that the continent has endured through the decades. The youth of South Africa personally inspired me, not only were they stylish they could be on your favorite street style blog, or snapped by Tommy Ton but they could also give you an in depth breakdown on socio-political issues in their country from the past, present and where they want to see things gravitate to in the future. – Joshua Kissi*
Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette recently travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa. Unlike ordinary citizens, the Street Etiquette team travelled Johannesburg with intentions of immersing themselves in the culture of South Africa. Judging from their blog post that is exactly what they did.

After visiting a new place, upon return, I ask myself, “would I live here?” While in Johannesburg, the question never even came to mind. It felt like a home away from home. To echo what Josh said, Joburg is definitely the Brooklyn of Africa. – Travis Gumbs*
Do take time to watch the video about their experience and read the rest of the post as well. It is always lovely to see your home in the eyes of someone else and it will definitely make you appreciate how beautiful South Africa is.

*

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