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Khanya “Kyeezi” Siyengo : Good Hope Fm’s Campus DJ Search Finalist


Khanya “Kyeezi” Siyengo : Good Hope Fm’s Campus DJ Search Finalist

Every year, for the last four years, Good Hope FM has run a competition that searches for the best on-air campus DJ in Cape Town. The search travels across Cape Town and gives Campus DJ’s an opportunity to try themselves out. The purpose of this search is not merely a title, but the winner of this competition will get a spot at Good Hope FM. In other words, it gives these smooth, funny , chatter boxes an opportunity to make it big!

Being a UCT alum I decided to spend some time with the host of UCT Radio’s Bread and Butter show, Khanya Siyengo (affectionately known as Kyeezi) who is in the finals of this competition. Bread and Butter has arguably become one of the most loved shows on UCT Radio. This show brings young talent, people with a hustlers ambition as well as Hollywood stars like Texas Battle to the airwaves. The level of professionalism and charisma with which the show is run is something to write home about. Kyeezi let me know about his love for music, talking and his future – have a read.




What lead you to becoming a campus radio DJ? 

In my family I’m the middle child, you hardly ever get listened too so I needed the attention. What actually happened was, I had this habit of having conversations out loud with myself, and I still do. Always talking about silly things that I thought were quite cool. I’d imagine myself talking to thousands of people making them have a great laugh, think and  all that stuff. Radio is that for a space to share, learn and laugh. Imagine a round table with 20 000 people, that’s what I imagine it to be, the ideas and degree of learning you get from that is priceless.
Where does your love for music and talking derive? 
In all honestly I’ve always known music but I didn’t appreciate. I always listened to hip hop,R ‘n b, Soul and even some rock, whatever I heard I bobbed my head to. It wasn’t until I was struggling to focus, (well on my way to failing Matric)  that I came across the “Black Album” by Jay-Z and it saved my life. Honestly, completely switched up my perspective and I grew a ” if he can do it I can do it” attitude. I ended up passing better than I thought I would and  I’d say that was my first relationship with music, and like any relationship it grew to a great appreciation and love for music. I’d consider myself the biggest fan of a musician because they music can do some much for me in a day. Three minutes of a track change the mood of your day.
Talking – I was born with it.  I have always been the kid who would ask his mom “are we there yet?” every two minutes.I would always spend an obscene amount of time reading a lot of random things.  It’s nice to talk when you know your stuff, I hardly ever speak on something I know nothing about. I’m naturally tall so people look up to me literally, so it’s nice when you have the advantage of height to have some legit things to say when you do open your mouth.
How important do you think it is for Universities to have non-academic platforms like campus radio? 

Trial and error. University is all about trying and discovering yourself. Radio is just like Rugby, fencing all that stuff. It takes some work to get it down but when you get it, you get it. So it’s incredibly      important that Universities provide opportunities for curiosity.
What music inspires you?
Music just inspires me. I can bump so hardcore Jay-z and be “all yea yea homie”. But I can always bump some Kate Perry, and sing along with “Fireworks”. The sounds, the meaning and the message- all of that.I’ve  lost some street cred for this but I got to see Justin Beiber live and I’ll admit it, the kid touched me with his message ” believe”.  My playlist is flooded with hip hop but I dabble here and there.
What does it mean for you to be a part of the Good Hope FM Campus DJ search? 
They say your suppose to climb the corporate ladder, they never mentioned finding that ladder. Iv been around really trying a number of different things. The DJ search to me feels like the ladder iv been looking for. So the opportunity is massive, huge!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Honestly, in a peak cap and super nice sneakers exporting African talent. The urban culture is where i most natural, don’t get me wrong iv worn the suit and been in that lane already but I’d like to represent something that close to me 24/7 365. I’d love to be out in the world repping Africa creating customers for African products that Africans create. Time to export what we can do, let’s create and slow down on being consumers only.
What gets you up in the morning? 

My vision board those sneakers aren’t going to come themselves i have to go get them!
What advice would you give to the Matriculants of 2013 or young people who want to go into radio? 
Radio doesn’t make you, you make yourself first. Simply know who you are and build from there. Everyone will tell you to be this and that, that your fit for this and that. The end of the day you are in control of your potential.
It is always a pleasure spending time with someone who has vision and furthermore has a devote belief in new, African talent. We sure do hope that our favourite Tall Guy, Kyeezi makes it to the top of his ladder.
To support Kyeezi: Tweet #CampusDjKyeezi to @GoodHopeFm and the man himself @Kyeezi before 3pm today!!!

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