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Resolutions in retrospect: A 20-something’s perspective


Resolutions in retrospect: A 20-something’s perspective

It’s back to school for young things today, the rest of us are in limbo. For the really cool kids, it’s the 7th week of December; for the cheese girls that opted for the big city lights rather than the Mother City, it’s the mass exodus of our high school friends and groove companions; and for the students, it’s time for the next step. I’m somewhere in the middle of it all, with the addition of having to deal the anxiety-ridden process of attempting to sort out the administrative mess that is my varsity application.

Fortunately, although the nightmarish possibility of finding myself without a plan for the year has dampened my gung-ho attitude towards 2014, it’s given me time put on the breaks and really soak in the idea of resolutions and also be influenced by some really great things going around on the world wide web. To be honest, it’s the kind of stuff we all already know but it’s also the kind of stuff that most of us are scared to claim as our own and to live by. It’s the kind of stuff Steve Jobs spoke about, a coach’s speech at a crucial moment for a team, the thoughts that run through that one-in-a-million-somebody’s mind when they’re down and out before a rise to victory.

The golden thread that runs through all of these messages seems to be our ability to determine the directions of our lives, to create and be responsible for our our own lives, to move beyond fear and failure, to understand that what can ultimately be lost is insignificant, and that we are all significant and have a purpose. But it’s hard work. You have to persevere and overcome your weaknesses and insecurities, and even if you do, you will probably fail from time to time.

It’s big, scary talk that even real grown-ups can’t take on. But what makes it really big, really scary talk is the fact that, most young adults struggle with themselves. It’s pretty tough figuring out what you want when you’re figuring out who you are in your friendship group, family, and the big bad world – and I thought adolescent angst was behind me! Perhaps the right issue to deal with is identity and purpose, which seems to be an even more daunting task.

Truthfully, while this conclusion drags me back into a torturous existential crisis, the exercise of making resolutions in light of these profound words remains important, whether they apply to a day, or a week, or a month. So while I try to come to terms with the person I am, I’m resolving to say ‘yes’ to the world despite myself (now would be the right time to ask me out on a date). After all it is the simple word ‘yes’ that brought me to Varsity Breakout to begin with and what an interesting ride this has been.

I’m hoping this will be a prosperous and noteworthy year for all, even if it’s in a tiny (but significant) way. Here’s to a happy new year!

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