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I am surprised and a little nervous that my GPS has led me to the infamous street of Veers Tavern. The street is quiet and I begin to wonder if we are in the right area. There are salons with the last customers finishing off their new hairdos and right next to the salons is Love Food Café. It is difficult to notice at first, but once you do it is immediately welcoming. This is one of the many dinner events hosted by the café and tonight’s one has the Christmas theme to it. Wine in hand, I look up at the name on the glass door and I’m so captured by what I see through the door that time almost stands still as the warm light washes over me and the inside is a calm place with a few people at the wooden table and chairs chatting over a warm candle light with wine in hand.

I am so stunned it does not come across to me that maybe this is the point where I must now open the door and step inside as I see a petite lady with a calm demeanor and warm smile as she opens the door for us and welcomes us as she leads us to our table; this is Jamie, host and owner of the café.

bon and me love food cafe

It feels like I stepped out of home and into another home. The aesthetics of the place are mind-blowing; from the wooden chairs and tables with crotched table clothes, to the old tins of all-time favorite breakfast foods like Kellog’s, Jungle Oats, and Weet-Bix, to a metal unicycle hanging on the wall, and a book shelf with old crackling paint filled with old-time classics and a few books on sale about Jo’burg.

The place is intimate with warm lighting for any occasion, at any time, as they offer service throughout the daytime as well. The food is as intimate; from the Yorkshire pudding, shredded beef, horse radish and mustard sauce starter, to the Turkey croquettes, glazed gamon, Christmas veggies, roasted hasselback potatoes main and if you aren’t a fan of pork, a substitute of lamb was done for you for your main (specific dietary requests must be done before the event). We then ended off with a Christmas pudding plate that was hard to resist and full of hidden surprises that filled your mouth with an explosion of flavor. The service is fast and the food is amazing. You also have the choice of a cup of their coffee at the end of your meal, which a little birdy told me is completely worth the try.

love food cafe

The night ended off with having a look around the café as though it was some museum. In its subtleness is where you can find the most explosive discoveries; I saw the radio system which looked like a very old model but still in good condition and right below it was a collection of vinyl’s from the History of Rock, with Elvis Presley and others on the cover to a self-titled Kylie Minogue record. And as if that wasn’t an exciting discovery for me, I bumped into vinyl records from the Far East Movement and Kings of Leon. What are the chances?

The dinner club is held every first Friday of the month; if you can’t do that I recommend you pop in anytime of the day. Love Food is more than its food; the experience is flooded with nostalgia and a great time. They have added a new and fresh element to the Braamfontein dining experience.

Things to note about the Love Food dinner club:

-Held every first Friday of the month

-Booking is essential, first come, first serve basis

-50% deposit needed to book because of limited space and people failing to show up on the night

-Between R250-R300 per person, depending on food used

-Can bring own wine, no fee

-Contact Jamie Lorge


Mobile: 0836026511

Physical address: 4 Ameshoff  Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

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