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Weekend Special


Weekend Special

The deception of autumn: summer days and winter nights. Surely any respectable, grown youth knows this? It’s time to let go and accept that seasons change, kids. Let’s not lie to ourselves for the love of sexy groove. Besides, shivering has never been sexy, but we’ll (the groove authorities) let you off on a rookie error. You’ll still be a rookie though.

While you’re coming to terms with the ever-shifting world, we can all take comfort in the prospect of solid groove to keep us warm on those cold winter nights with, and especially without, that somebody.

Thursday, 17 April

Below the Bassline is launching at Kitchener’s. Indulge in some future bass sounds. This one’s definitely for diversity.


Friday, 18 April

TOY TOY at And. Need I say more? If you have that requirement of me (hang your head in shame), I’m going to suggest a little social experimentation/induction on your part.


Saturday, 19 April

Take your grown self to the party this weekend. If you know anything about black Twitter, you know what it is. Genesis All Black. Apparently we’re getting “down and dirty” and going to “make it nasty” in this “party crazy country”. Happy Easter y’all.


Sunday, 20 April

Rooftops are cool. Randlords is by far the swankiest rooftop in Jozitown. There’ll be something for everyone at Sunday Skyline Sessions Vol. 2. Give whatever’s left. You’ll find yourself again on Monday, cause it’s another holiday.


Who’s tempted to go to the Rand Show? It’s going to be a spectacle. Try to pace yourselves, kids.


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