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Ultra South Africa Official After Movie: For Marketing Purposes Only


Ultra South Africa Official After Movie: For Marketing Purposes Only

Did the Ultra South Africa after movie  give you FOMO? It’s a pretty classy take on the festivities: An opening narration by our very own Goldfish before they take to the waves, the scenic shots of the coast, a blanketed Table Mountain and the electric Johannesburg CBD. Beautiful girls atop shoulders, wearing short shorts, with long wavy hair. Lights, robots, flames. Fist pumps, smiles, lip biting. Butt cheeks. The visuals are perfection.

An EDM music video and an advert for SA tourism made a beautiful creation that understood that, sex, smiles and diversity sell. But unlike the basic Joburger, this after movie is not about selling dreams. Take my word for it. There really was a crowd of beautiful, smiling people and that girl was really wearing shorts short enough to allow a substantial amount of butt cheek to be filmed in action. That unbelievable shot – the one where a South African/Ultra flag is being waved while Tiesto closes the festival with a bunch of other world-famous DJs – actually happened.

But for those of us that watched ‘Colours and Waves’ hoping to relive Ultra, it mostly resulted in feelings of deception. That Ultra was not the Ultra that happened to me. My Ultra was a lot less classy and far less composed. My Ultra was dirt, sweat and litter. And all that mess has never felt so good and right.

Maybe I just don’t have any class. But every Ultranaut I’ve spoken to seems to be in agreement with me. This could be a case of classless birds flocking together, though.

My point is: That Ultra, is not the real Ultra. The real Ultra had us limping to our cars in pain. Will the real Ultra please stand up?

If you missed Ultra 2014 and found the after movie a little underwhelming, think twice before you give 2015 a miss. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Ultra SA 2015 is hitting SA on 13 February in Cape Town, and 14 February in Johannesburg. To buy Early Bird tickets, pre-register via Tickets go on sale on Wednesday.

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