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What YOU SHOULD Be Asking During A Job Interview…

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What YOU SHOULD Be Asking During A Job Interview…


How To Ace the job Interview:

Hey guys, ME again! I was thinking about starting to give out some handy tips from my perspective – being a recruitment consultant and speaking, meeting and placing candidates into jobs every single day!

I think the best piece of advice I could give anyone when it comes to the interview process (which is obviously a very important part of getting any job) is that you should always have a list of questions prepared for your interviewers because remember, you are interviewing them, just as much as they are, you.

I mean, you have to determine whether this particular company is right for you and whether or not you’d even want to work there at all!


So here’s a little helping hand although, yours might differ (depending on the type of position and company you are going for) – here are my top five questions you should always endeavour to ask your interview(s) in some shape or form:

  1. What scope for progress and promotion is there within the company/role?
  • This shows that there is interest in progression and a certain drive to perform well etc.


  1. Ask your interviewer when he/she started with the company and why they have stayed with the company?
  • In a polite way – try not to ask this with a grimace on your face! You want to get them talking a little – it strengthens your relationship with them just that little bit more which can make a difference.


  1. Can you describe your ideal employee?
  • This is a great one – use it early on to find out what they are expecting so you can tailor your answers and other responses to suit them and what they are looking for!


  1. How do I compare to the other people you have interviewed so far?
  • So this one is to determine how well you’re doing so far and whether you need to, for want of a better phrase, “Step yo game up” – Snoop Dogg feat. Lil Jon
  • Another similar question would be: What has been missing from the individuals you’ve interviewed for this position? – This normally opens up conversation about how you’ve done so far too.


  1. What types of training opportunities does the company provide?
  • Do you want to be stuck doing the same job for the next decade, or do you want to progress up the career ladder? This classic question will prove your ambition and reveal whether there’s a genuine career path for you to follow.

You will, as mentioned, no doubt have more and obviously different questions up your sleeves. I just feel, when I’m interviewing potential candidates – for example – these are the kinds of things I like to hear to make sure I’m dealing with someone who both; knows what they are doing and is keen on what I’ve got on offer.

I’ve got THREE key rules (guidelines) when putting these questions together however, they are as follows;

  1. Don’t ask questions that could be answered by reviewing their website or “doing your research” on the company
  • This is a waste of time and could be seen as you, not showing committed interest so far.
  • ALWAYS do your research!!!


  1. Avoid self-serving questions about hours, benefits, time off etc.
  • This comes across as a negative more often than not and you don’t need any negativity in an interview now, do you?


  1. Use your questions to learn more about the priorities of this hiring authority and to show them how you HAVE what they NEED!
  • This is YOUR time to sell yourself to them!

I know you’re all screaming and shouting at me now saying “yeah, but what about the questions they ask US?” – Haha well, have a read of this… I found it very interesting – 8 Tips for Answering the Most Common Interview Questions – it looks at some of those off putting questions.





If only it were this easy… ^^^

I guess all I can say now is, go forth and try these “techniques” and let me know your feelings towards them! Interviews can SUCK! But if well prepared for, people and companies will be fighting over you for their roles and positions!

Good luck!

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