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Puma Social Club #TBT

Puma Social Club #TBT


Puma Social Club #TBT

Puma Social Club #TBT: I don’t think there’s been a generation more nostalgic than ours. This might be because our childhoods, unlike our parents, were more magic than struggle. We’ve reminisced so much we moved from Tamagotchi’s and rewinding tapes with pencils to remembering last week’s get together. It was only a matter of time before we dedicated a day and a hashtag to this practice. Now we can remember the good ol’ days every Thursday with #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT.

Everyone relevant is on the #TBT bandwagon so naturally, brands renowned for keeping up with the times are going to jump right on.

Remember Puma Social Club? Remember the queue, the ping pong, the photo booth, the booze, the music and the hangover? It was a great novelty and it was free. Well on 26 June they have us the opportunity to relive our PSC memories with a Puma presents: Puma Social Club #TBT party at Great Dane. Word on the street is that it was pretty mild. I’m putting it down super limited guest list of 150, which you could only get on by replying to their “golden” tweet. Exclusive much?

Every one deserves a second chance. Seems like they’re learned from their mistakes. Some reminded them that nostalgia and hashtags, like all good things in life, are free. So they’ve let go of that “you can’t sit with us” nonsense and letting us all witness the very last PSC. Come one, come all!

See you at Great Dane, 24th July, 8pm. I’ll be sipping on my sparkling water, remembering the days of wine stained t-shirts, blurry nights and hangovers.

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