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Invest – Just do It:

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Invest – Just do It:

Everyone has received the “you must save” speech at least once from their parents or another elder. However, not many preach the “you should invest” story. Investing is a risky and complex concept, but it’s not all that dull. Why not invest in one of the coolest and lucrative brands of our time, Nike – The “Swoosh”.

We have all encountered The “Swoosh” at some point in our lives – unless you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years. The “Swoosh” is among the most popular and easily recognized symbols in the world today. Whether you are a youth, middle-aged, or from the older generation, one way or another, we have all come across the famous “Swoosh” symbol. Nike is a globally renowned brand and one of the world’s largest suppliers in footwear, apparel and sports equipment.


Whether you are a sports fan or not, almost everywhere you look today you will come across a Nike product. On campus you are bound to pass at least a minimum of five people sporting their Nike kicks, whether it be the latest “AIR JORDAN” basketball sneakers or the classic Air Max 90’s. It’s hard to escape the “Swoosh” craze, on the highway you are bound to come across a big billboard with a young, fit athlete running in the rain with their Nike Cross Trainers on with the slogan… “JUST DO IT.”

Subconsciously, whether you are aware of it or not, you come across Nike products on a regular basis. Nike products are everywhere!

Nike markets its products under various owned brands such as: Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Air Jordan, Team Starter and subsidiaries, which includes Bauer, Cole Hann, and Converse. This makes Nike the largest sportswear supplier in the world.


Nike does not just stop there. Nike sponsors some of the World’s most known and powerful Professional Athletes. Golfer Tiger Woods, Basketball players LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, just to name a few. Nike has time and time again proved why they deserve the title God of Shoes. Nike’s collaborations with legends such as Michael Jordan and the iconic Kanye West. It is no surprise with names like these that Nike stock has boosted over 67% in the last year.

Now if that’s not enticing enough. Owning a share in Nike’s success is as easy as a click of a button and for as little as $50 which amounts to R536,29@ eToro.


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1 Comment

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