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Have a Listen: BoomBap Play – 2Lee Stark ft Honx & MVRCOxPOLO


Have a Listen: BoomBap Play – 2Lee Stark ft Honx & MVRCOxPOLO

It is a critical time for music releases. As summer starts to make an appearance, people (if you are anything like me) start to put together their summer playlists  and because of this if your track drops and it is pap- it won’t peep 2015. So I sat with a cruel mixture of anxiety and excitement when it was announced that  a track by 2Lee Stark was dropping.

This track – before anyone had listened to it- presented itself as a track for this season. Firstly it is a collaborative effort between 2Lee Stark, Honx and MVRCOXPOLO and secondly  the artwork for the track was a clear adaption of the Coca Cola logo. Now, talking as a brand person – that artwork has associations of sharing, friendship and sunshine, why? Because most people drink Coca Cola on occasions that have those elements. Furthermore, that logo is iconic and therefore without even knowing it, people who encountered the artwork accompanied by the hashtag #BoomBapPlay expected the song to be great.

I was not disappointed! I thoroughly enjoyed the old school hip-hop beat that will give the most glorious nostalgic feeling to any person who was born and lived through the 90’s. I immediately imagined myself jamming to the track with my favourite people having drinks on a beautiful day, or on our way to the beach or pool party. It sets the scene for summer.

2Lee Stark is full of energy on this track – and not without purpose- his lyricism is on point (as per usual) and carries the track from beginning to end. It is wonderful hearing Honx on this track. I have always enjoyed his effortless flow and his fantastic yet understated lyrics! I was really impressed by these two gentlemen. MVRCOXPOLO was a welcomed addition to the track. The song had a beautiful golden thread running through it from start to finish!

It is an exciting time for emerging artists in this country. They are not afraid to let their hunger and passion for their craft be articulated through their music. I appreciate this because it gives their sound credibility. I am so excited because I have never had so much South African music – largely from new and emerging artists – on my summer playlist!

So anyone who is about to drop a track, you may want to listen to this track and take notes, the lesson as been taught the question is, were you in class?




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