Gary Sher, South Africa’s exclusive distributor and brand manager of ‘Super’, sub-brand of the leading eyewear trend brand RetroSuperFuture, has partnered one of the most dauntless contemporary international eyewear brands with the rebellious spirit and passion of South Africa through the launch of the ‘SUPER X ANDY WARHOL ILLUSTRATED SERIES’ (originally created by Andy Warhol in 1957 for a publication on women’s eyewear in Harper’s Bazaar). These playful and quirky drawings by the iconic pop culture legend have been turned into a unique series of eccentric eyewear, interpreted by RetroSuperFuture’s well known avant-garde style for an exclusive yet wearable collection. ‘Super’ has moulded Andy Warhol’s vision of making the “ordinary, extraordinary…” into four different silhouettes that encapsulate the artist’s ‘witty visual flair’. The ‘super extraordinary’ collection of eyewear, praised by Michael Herman- Director of Licensing at the Andy Warhol Foundation, named the silhouettes BabyBaby, Niclou, Velvetdarling and Ultra Candy. These pieces of art are being showcased in the Maboneng Precinct at the Hazard Gallery from 30th July to 27th August.

The launch of these ‘utterly unconventionally ironic, yet highly iconic pieces of eyewear’ feel like a time capsule encapsulated in a spaceship and effortlessly illustrate that “Good design doesn’t go out of fashion” as so aptly put by Gary Sher, immediately putting the term “retro” out of style and putting to rest the impression that fashion is on a nostalgic chase, when in fact we do not return to style but rather perpetuate it. With unmatched ease the South African youth has managed to marry the conventional and contemporary with the eccentric, pick-pocketing western fashion ideals and creating our own style in a manner that is quite different from the manicured, mannequin style of Europe and the America’s; infusing urban cosmopolitan style and linking it with the vibrancy of the African soul, and further within that the non-conformist, individualistic flair of unique personalized style. South Africa has managed to personify Andy Warhol’s inspirational body of work that has notably contributed to the collapse of boundaries between high and low culture, epitomised in the location of the launch- the edgy Maboneng that connects and contrasts the upmarket business sector of Joburg CBD with the artsy rebellious vibe of the hipsters and cool kids.

The eccentricity of the spectacular art exhibition at the Hazard Gallery re-establishes the timelessness of Andy Warhol as a pop culture icon in the beginning of the 20th century and how he remains a mainstream phenomena today. This multifaceted side of the great artist is a connecting point to the fabulous exhibition that it shares the space with- the transcendent artwork of Frederick Clarke’s ‘Let X be’, a comical expansion on the consciousness of the human race and the work of the individual destiny fuelled by our own universe’s working in all of our DNA coding.The omniversal curiosity of the late artist and the SUPER X ANDY WARHOL ILLUSTRATED SERIES showcases in true artistic form the multi-dimensional oneness of the human experience, the cipher of nature and life and as such fashion. The entire event is nothing short of a fantastic intergalactic trip into the past.



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SUPER X ANDY WARHOL ILLUSTRATED SERIES media press release by the PR agent Gabbi Rego _Director and PR Aficionado- Urban espresso/ in collaboration with


Interviewed: Gary Sher