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WATCH: Josh Kempen Drops Highly Anticipated 2nd Single “Pistol”


WATCH: Josh Kempen Drops Highly Anticipated 2nd Single “Pistol”

Joburg-based singer-songwriter Josh Kempen just dropped the highly anticipated follow-up single to his track “The River”, titled “Pistol”. WATCH the beautifully shot music video HERE! 

“I watched a TED talk by Tony Robbins a little while back. He was talking about the basic values that every person tries to bring into their life with their actions. It was the thing of certainty, uncertainty, significance, love, growth & contribution.  He said this is why there are people who would put a gun against someone’s head; because it is the fastest way to get all those things for a moment. It just struck me as a powerful concept and I thought that true love could be like that pistol and bring all of those things into your life, but lastingly. So it’s a love song structured around the Pistol metaphor. I feel really lucky to have worked with William Collinson on camera & Dan McCauley (DOLPH) with the editing. They really made the video something beautiful and meaningful. Behind the scenes was crazy, from coming up with a concept to location scouting to catering for the crew, to wardrobe & props. It was a few manic days with very little sleep, but I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I really hope it means something to the people who see it.” – Josh Kempen

And now, without further ado, “Pistol” ladies and gents:

“We are so impressed with the overwhelming reaction that ‘Pistol’ receives each time it is performed live and therefore we believe that this is the right second single before the up coming release of Josh’s debut album in the first quarter of 2017” – Adrian King (Marketing Director of Warner Music South Africa).

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