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Ballin on a Budget: Dezemba Kumnandi Guide!


Ballin on a Budget: Dezemba Kumnandi Guide!

So we’re FINALLY DONE with exams!!! YAAS, fun times ahead!!! Now we can finally live our “best lives” phans’ komntunz’ welanga siblome nabangani bethu. For all you likers of things out there, have a look at all the havoc you can wreak on a budget this festive season. #KeDezembaBoss

No one expected 2016 to truly be a long and eventful year. Throughout the year, many things transpired that took a lot of us by surprise; from the intense #FMF resurgence and student uprisings that followed to the state capture report. I’m sure we could all use some downtime to unwind as we near 2017.

WOW!!! I’m so excited for Dezemba and the jaiving <grooving> that’s about to go down. With such an extensive array of events and activities to get up to, how does one choose?

Personally, I’m a self-admitting liker of things who enjoys being anywhere, but home. With that said – or typed, rather – sometimes I enjoy more low-key doings. Don’t get it twisted though; I love a good groove where I can shaya ama-getdown low, popping, locking and jamming. At the same time, I’m also very mindful of the fact that one must still live to survive the month of January, which is abnormally long and slow for some reason, argh.

Keen to ‘ball on a budget’ these Dezemba holidays and still TURN ALL THE WAY UP?!?! Here’s my list of a few happenings for each type of liker that I think are fun and interesting to do without breaking the bank.

The Concert/Festival Groover

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

Johannesburg is full of countless concerts and far from few festivals that pop off every other weekend. To kickstart the Dezemba festivities, this weekend will see festivals like the Stay Fresh Saturday event and Pop Bottles 2016 finale ushering us into the festive season. These events are some of the easiest ways to see all your favourite artists in one venue. Although this kind of ‘going out’ can be a little more on the pricier side of life depending on ticket prices and venue, this is still one of the many fun ways to hang out with your mates, live your best life on the dance floor and be treated to live performances of the dopest proportions.

The Chilled Picnic/Braai Viber

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Photo Cred:

What’s better than having a bunch of friends gathered in a serene setting for the love of good vibes, food and the convenience of a handy auxiliary cable??? I love braai’s because of the ‘sharing is caring’ factor, which already cuts the turn up cost substantially.


The benefit of braaing is that you can relish in the lovely SA summer weather whilst going all the way IN on some tasty boerie rolls, salads and mixed drinks in the company of good folk in a scenic location. Photo Cred:

The Market Lover

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Photo Cred:

Johannesburg has finally jumped full force into this trend. There are markets every weekend, which usually take place on Saturday afternoons and evenings. Whether it’s fashion, music, cocktails or food you’re after, markets are a great cultural experience and Jozi doesn’t disappoint. Going to a market is a fun way to discover new things and meet new people, all whilst being entertained. My favourite part about markets is trying the new gourmet food and cocktails on offer.

Some of the best markets I have attended include:

The best part about a market is that you can dictate your budget and still have a turn up of a time.

Linden Market: an upcoming market to try on Saturday, 3 December 2016:

The Linden Market is a complete lifestyle event being held at the Johannesburg Emmarentia Botanical Gardens starting at 09:00 until 18:00. This market will be offering an incredible selection of gourmet food, fine wines, design, antiques and vintage items, kids activities and live entertainment.
There is something for everyone to celebrate the near-approaching festive season.

Directions: Entrance via 45 Thomas Bowler street, Emmarentia.
Cost: R10 (kids under 12 enter fee of charge) and parking R10.
There are always new markets springing up from time to time and chances are one of them might just be in your surrounding area so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on all social media platforms this festive season.
The Scenic Sundowner  

Photo Cred:

MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE during Johannesburg’s summer season! The best place to have a cold one whilst enjoying man’s creation of the city skyline is the Northcliff water tower. This view is unbelievably spectacular and by far the best view of Johannesburg in my opinion. The view is not the only gem this spot has to offer however. The fact that you can bring your own choice of drink and have an impromptu picnic just makes the experience all the more comforting and enjoyable.


Disclaimer: I do not advise turning up and two-stepping at this spot. The cliff will unforgivably send you rolling down the hill and I trust the injuries are unrecoverable. Photo Cred:

Don’t let a fear of heights deter you from being in the presence of picturesque perfection. Do yourself a favour and head over to the 011’s best ‘drink & chill’ spot to take in the most stellar of views and freshest of air.

Directions: From Beyers Naude Drive, turn left onto Frederick Drive. Left onto Hearn Drive, which will lead into Rockey Drive. Then turn right into Louie Avenue, and right again into Lucky Avenue.

So with endless things to do in our beautiful City of Gold, where dreams are made reality, you have no excuse to be bored this Dezemba. Now go forth and live your youth without overstretching your pockets – what’re you waiting for?

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