Sexy is more than just a look. It’s a feeling – an attitude.

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Ok, we’ve all heard the cliched ‘women are more than their bodies’ rhetoric, sure, but there’s a reason behind this repeated remark – it’s for REAL you guys … & YES I am mostly speaking to YOU penis-possessing men. YOU and YOUR self-entitled male gaze.

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A woman’s sexiness is not for anyone’s entertainment, but her own satisfaction and fulfilment. Photo Cred:

This past weekend, on Saturday evening (10 December 2016) I attended the annual SA Maxim Hot 100 part at the VIP Room club in Johannesburg. Photo Cred: Garreth Barclay

This past weekend, on Saturday evening (10 December 2016), I attended the annual SA Maxim Hot 100 party, powered by Generosity Water, at The VIP Room nightclub in Sandton, Johannesburg. Photo Cred: Garreth Barclay

Honouring South Africa’s top 100 ‘hottest’ women, the SA Maxim Hot 100 party annually showcases a diversified assortment of stunning, sophisticated, and elegantly buxom bombshells, with this years selection of women embodying the Maxim brands distinguishably dainty nature to a T.

There’s more to these stunningly beautiful women than just their gorgeous looks however. Many of them are hugely successful, driven and genuinely pleasant to be around for the most part – a ‘beauty and brains’ blending of baffling proportions.

Many of us are drawn to these women for their healthy, happy, positive, and genuine aura. They effortlessly meander their way through this world with an incredible zest for life and insurmountable passion for what matters most to them.

2016’s TOP Maxim Hot 100 Titleholder: Courtney Cousins


Leggy Cape Town designer and model Courtney Cousins has landed the top spot on the Maxim HOT 100 according to the SA edition of the world’s number one men’s magazine. Photo Cred: Garreth Barclay


The 23 year-old fashion designer and model, who now has the honour of being crowned South Africa’s hottest woman by Maxim magazine, is reportedly “overwhelmed” with joy and excitement over her latest title. Photo Cred: Garreth Barclay

"Being on two covers of Maxim alone is a huge achievement, and to be awarded this is just beyond my dreams! I am so grateful!” - Courtney Cousins. Photo Cred: /

“Being on two covers of Maxim alone is a huge achievement, and to be awarded this is just beyond my dreams! I am so grateful!” – Courtney Cousins. Photo Cred: /

The Maxim Hot 100 women are chosen by Maxim SA readers from a range of the hottest female stars across film, music, sports, television and fashion.

Judging by the ‘Top 10’ Maxim Hot 100 candidates, each respectively well-endowed with a uniquely transcendental ‘attitude’ about them, it appears that competition was pretty stiff:

In the end, Cousins was named the hottest woman of this year, earning the top title out of an array of local beauties, including actress Pearl Thusi, TV personality Jeannie D and model Candice Boucher.

Congratulations Sista, you did the damn thing. We wish Ms. Cousins all the best in her future endeavours as she rocks her Maxim Hot 100 title with sheer grace and style.

SA socialites and influencers, including singing sensation Johnny Apple, model Lerato Moloi, TV presenter Dalen Lance and DJ Alex Caige, were among the beautiful guests in attendance at the Maxim Hot 100 party last Saturday, with Dutch DJ sensation Bakermat offering the crowd distinctive electronic, deep tropical house vibes.

Although Maxim is a male’s magazine, the Hot 100 list celebrates beautiful women with attitude doing amazing things in their respective fields, coupled with an appreciation of their obvious God-given gifts of utter glam.

Halala to all the magical queens who made the list.


Keep doing your dayum thing and SHINE!!!

In the final frame, sexiness is not just appeasing for the eye, but also gives every woman that exhilarating feeling of confidence and complete comfort in their own skin.

Grab yourself a copy of the latest SA edition of Maxim Magazine for a glimpse at SA’s hottest woman, Courtney Cousins, as well as the 99 other attitude-wielding women of 2016.